Thursday, 28 April 2016

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders is back. The best words you’ve read all year… apart from that time in March when your mate text you saying that Ben and Jerry’s was half price at Tesco, but still, it’s up there. Despite what you may have heard about the BBC show, it’s not all death and violence… I mean it’s mostly that, but there is more. I don’t know if the original Birmingham based gang were quite as well dressed as Cillian Murphy and co. but if so, they were some stylish fellas. Like the original Mods, the Peaky Blinders trawl the streets of Birmingham looking for trouble in sharp suits and their peak caps. (I might look up sales in them actually because SURELY this show must have spiked them).

It's the attention to detail which is the most impressive, from their distinctive haircuts to the chain of their pocket watch, this boys have it all figured out. So good, that I barely even notice the ah-may-zing 1920s dresses knocking around. And with Tommy's new international connections (and considerable amount of money- he's bloody loaded now) this season is set to be more stylish than ever.

Friday, 22 April 2016


Dancer. Innovator. Style icon. Prince was everything. 

His impact on the world is too massive to measure, from his influence on the world of modern music to his feminist messages and his bloody amazing clothes. I saw Prince in 2014... Not just down the shops or anything, I was actually in an arena with about 13000 other people. But still, I saw him. And, God, he was amazing. So as well as sobbing to Purple Rain today let's remember the sexiest man to ever exist and some of his most stylish moments. We love you forever Prince. 

A pink suit... Because why the hell not

No man ever has, or will, pull off
a crop top quite like Prince

Pink fur: always a yes

Need I say more?

Images: tumblr

Monday, 18 April 2016


Ughhh. It's that time of year again. This might be an unpopular opinion, so I am sorry in advance. But I hate Coachella. I know- I said I'm sorry. 

Yes in theory it's all lovely, and I'm sure I'd love to be one of it's young, rich attendees, frolicking in the Californian sun. But I am not one of them. So instead I stare at the English rain through my window whilst googling pictures of said festival and wondering what the hell they are wearing, and just how many more flower garlands I can stand looking at. 

I almost didn't recognise Stacey from the office under that bandana.
She really looks different outside of work.

It's not fair for me to say it's just Coachella. Festival fashion in general has become one of the biggest burdens of my generation. Why is it that for three days a year people seem to forget everything they have ever thought about the clothes that they choose to put on their bodies and instead adorn themselves with glitter and paint and flowers with wild abandon. That's not you the real you, Becky- you hate flowers, and have only worn black since 2010. Queen of Coachella Vanessa Hudgens (if you type in Hudgens' name to a search engine the next suggested word is Coachella, need I say more) is one of my personal favourite examples of festival fashion and what it has become. With bindis aplenty and hair so long it rivals Chloe Mafia's hair extensions, (if you don't know- please Google) without fail every year for two weekends in May, Hudgens could resemble a girl from Slough who has popped into her local Topshop and purchased without consideration every single item from the highstreet fave's 'Festival Range'. Love heart sunglasses: check, cut off denim shorts: check, Native American headdress replica: check. 

And here she is. The Queen of Coachella herself
 Rocking some items that no festival outfit is complete without.

And I don't have a solution to this problem. I wish I could say I knew the answer to festival fashion and what one should really be wearing, but I don't. I still make very regrettable clothes choices the minute I enter the festival gates, and am already having sleepless nights over packing for Glastonbury. I can only assume that that this trend for festival fashion was born out of the copious amounts of alcohol consumed in these fields, and I have similarly made a lot of questionable decisions after too much wine from a box, so maybe I shouldn't judge. And until a solution is reached (Alexa Chung and Kate Moss always look pretty bloody good at a festival to be fair) I guess keep releasing your inner Coachella everyone. Stick on those bindis, apply those temporary tattoos and fasten up your bum bag. Just remember to be ready to untag the pictures as soon as they're uploaded to Facebook on Monday. 

Images: Tumblr (obvs)

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Alexa Chung Archive

Aaaand, she's done it again. It seems Alexa Chung can simply do no wrong in the world of fashion. If last year's collaboration with AG jeans wasn't good enough (or more likely, cheap enough) this week marks the release of her debut collection with good old Marks and Spencer.

Everyone's favourite style icon has dug into the depths of the M&S's fashion archives, scoped out the best pieces, and brought them back for your wearing pleasure. From trench coat, to bikini, Chung has revived some Marks and Spencer classics which will have women everywhere rushing through the M&S doors for more than just snack sized sushi for the first time since THAT skirt.

The Harry blouse is a favourite among all fashion insiders and I'm sure will result in a few awkward moments this weekend when every. single. girl. at a party is wearing it. But that is the price we pay for eternally wanting to look like everyone's favourite IT girl. 

Image: Alexa Chung's Instagram