Friday, 13 May 2016

Julia Campbell Gillies

Julia Campbell Gillies. Remember these three names people. Since last year this South-African model has been popping up more and more in the world of cyber space (ok, well my Instagram suggestions at least) and at the start of this year I bit the bullet and followed her Instagram account to see what all the fuss was about. 

I wasn't disappointed. Not only is Gillies and extraordinary model, she is also currently studying Art Direction at Conde Nast and using her position to question the modelling industry, femininity and the male gaze. She's the sort of gal who makes you feel bad about the lack of stuff you actually do with your life. But in a good way. At a few months younger than me, Gillies has already called out the fashion industry on their ridiculously narrow casting of models, and the pressure put on these models to maintain a dangerously low weight. As a model herself, Gillies was told that in order to be successful she must lose weight, but she said 'HELL no' (I may be paraphrasing there) and has gone on to prove them wrong and become an amazing model regardless. The use of the word regardless seems RIDICULOUS here, as Gillies is already small and the thought of her ever being told to lose weight just highlights the unreachable standards for models. 

Not only that (that being that she is basically a super cool political super hero) but the gal is bloody gorgeous. Never has someone made looking bored so effortlessly beautiful. 

Julia Campbell Gillies by David Ralph

And her style is second to none, think lots of coloured fur, tops with nipple piercings (I know, get me one) and a ribbon as a fail safe accessory. If anyone is stuck in a style rut, follow her now, right now, yeah, now, for endlessssssss outfit inspiration/quite a lot of life envy. And also enjoy her latest romantic posts dedicated to her boyfriend. I LOVE a good Instagram couple, and these two are my latest faves. I know, I'm sad, but trust me you'll enjoy it too... I hope. 


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