Friday, 20 May 2016

Get the f*ck over coconut water


Coconut water and its equally annoying cousin almond milk seemed to be the drink of choice for anyone worth their following on Instagram last year. (Newsflash people: almonds don't have nipples, where is this milk coming from?) And this year has only seen this trend grow. This obsession with wellbeing has spread from uppermiddle class women smiling at you from the front of their 'clean eating' cookbook barefoot with a bowl of quinoa in their hands, or their friends- the lifestyle bloggers, most commonly found laid on a beach in Australia, their long tanned limbs placed carefully next to a mango sliced in such a manner that you have yet to achieve as you hack at your Aldi mango with your old butter knife.

Courgetti is not Spaghetti and never will be.

Wake up people, quinoa doesn't really taste that good. And as much as I love a trend (hello bomber jackets S/S 16), clean eating is one that I seriously resent. Yes it's good to eat healthily, but part of eating healthily is a healthy attitude towards food. So called 'clean eating' is a made up concept used to imply that any other foods are 'dirty' and must be avoided at all costs. Food is not the enemy, food is something that keeps us alive, it nurtures us and helps us grow, it is a bond between family, and an excuse for chatting for hours with friends. The trend for 'clean eating' is being seeped into the minds of teenage girls, and others, leading them to cut out entire food groups and learn to restrict and control their eating, feeling guilty should they accidentally eat a 'dirty' food. I'm not alone in my rebelling against the clean eating frenzy either, many nutritionists and chefs have begun to discuss how this supposedly healthy trend may in fact be the opposite. Parody accounts such as Deliciously Stella highlight the ridiculous pressure to 'eat clean' and Great British Bake Off (which is still the best show ever btw) contestant Ruby Tandoh has also displayed her disdain for the trend. Instead trying to promote a healthy attitude towards food. 

So relax people. I'm not saying don't eat healthy food- if you like coconut water (firstly congrats to you, I think it's gross) drink it by the gallon if you want! But you can drink coconut water and eat a cookie. You can go to yoga class and eat cake- (I'm a big supporter of chocolate before a spin class.) It's all about balance. Just do what makes you happy and don't feel guilty if you accidentally eat a family sized bag of Kettle chips. It happens to the best of us.  

I mean, one donut isn't going to make you Hunter Thompson...


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