Monday, 23 May 2016

Fan Girl-ing Over Fanpages

Fanpages is released next week. The long awaited creation of Bay Garnett and Kira Joliffe composing different creative people’s obsessions. If you are lucky enough to have a copy, simultaneously I hate you, and please share it with me. Luckily for those of us that didn’t nab one of the 1000 copies floating around the little old Isle of Blighty somewhere, the Sunday Times Style magazine gave us some juicy snippets of what is inside the Bible of 2016, and if you read it, and just try hard enough, you can almost imagine that you’re reading the actual thing. Almost.

The whole premise of the book is amazing- unsurprisingly seeing as it comes from the creators of Cheap Date. But it is a really interesting idea to think about what it is that obsesses somebody else. Based on the idea of teenage obsessions, I dread to think what my contribution to the book would be… I was really weirdly obsessed with Daniel Craig for a few years for some unexplicable reason as I hated James Bond. And I was also super into fortune telling, this fortune telling was mainly focussed around if a boy would snog me at the disco, but still. That’s why I’m not so sure about Sophie Dhal’s submission of her love for cashmere. Yeah, Soph, who doesn’t like cashmere eh?? I’m sure it’s bloody lovely if you can afford to collect 17 different cashmere sweaters but it wasn’t exactly what I was dreaming about when I was 13.

That's why I'm obsessed with coverstar Chloe Sevigny's obsession. A collage of images of Johnny Depp, River Pheonix and George Michael- of course annotated with the word 'babe'. I've got similar collages of adoration for various stars lurking in my cupboards somewhere (although I'm sure far less people would be interested in looking at them.) But it's just nice to be able to say that you have something in common with officially the coolest girl in the world. 

I already can't wait for next years Fanpages. 

Friday, 20 May 2016

Get the f*ck over coconut water


Coconut water and its equally annoying cousin almond milk seemed to be the drink of choice for anyone worth their following on Instagram last year. (Newsflash people: almonds don't have nipples, where is this milk coming from?) And this year has only seen this trend grow. This obsession with wellbeing has spread from uppermiddle class women smiling at you from the front of their 'clean eating' cookbook barefoot with a bowl of quinoa in their hands, or their friends- the lifestyle bloggers, most commonly found laid on a beach in Australia, their long tanned limbs placed carefully next to a mango sliced in such a manner that you have yet to achieve as you hack at your Aldi mango with your old butter knife.

Courgetti is not Spaghetti and never will be.

Wake up people, quinoa doesn't really taste that good. And as much as I love a trend (hello bomber jackets S/S 16), clean eating is one that I seriously resent. Yes it's good to eat healthily, but part of eating healthily is a healthy attitude towards food. So called 'clean eating' is a made up concept used to imply that any other foods are 'dirty' and must be avoided at all costs. Food is not the enemy, food is something that keeps us alive, it nurtures us and helps us grow, it is a bond between family, and an excuse for chatting for hours with friends. The trend for 'clean eating' is being seeped into the minds of teenage girls, and others, leading them to cut out entire food groups and learn to restrict and control their eating, feeling guilty should they accidentally eat a 'dirty' food. I'm not alone in my rebelling against the clean eating frenzy either, many nutritionists and chefs have begun to discuss how this supposedly healthy trend may in fact be the opposite. Parody accounts such as Deliciously Stella highlight the ridiculous pressure to 'eat clean' and Great British Bake Off (which is still the best show ever btw) contestant Ruby Tandoh has also displayed her disdain for the trend. Instead trying to promote a healthy attitude towards food. 

So relax people. I'm not saying don't eat healthy food- if you like coconut water (firstly congrats to you, I think it's gross) drink it by the gallon if you want! But you can drink coconut water and eat a cookie. You can go to yoga class and eat cake- (I'm a big supporter of chocolate before a spin class.) It's all about balance. Just do what makes you happy and don't feel guilty if you accidentally eat a family sized bag of Kettle chips. It happens to the best of us.  

I mean, one donut isn't going to make you Hunter Thompson...

Friday, 13 May 2016

Julia Campbell Gillies

Julia Campbell Gillies. Remember these three names people. Since last year this South-African model has been popping up more and more in the world of cyber space (ok, well my Instagram suggestions at least) and at the start of this year I bit the bullet and followed her Instagram account to see what all the fuss was about. 

I wasn't disappointed. Not only is Gillies and extraordinary model, she is also currently studying Art Direction at Conde Nast and using her position to question the modelling industry, femininity and the male gaze. She's the sort of gal who makes you feel bad about the lack of stuff you actually do with your life. But in a good way. At a few months younger than me, Gillies has already called out the fashion industry on their ridiculously narrow casting of models, and the pressure put on these models to maintain a dangerously low weight. As a model herself, Gillies was told that in order to be successful she must lose weight, but she said 'HELL no' (I may be paraphrasing there) and has gone on to prove them wrong and become an amazing model regardless. The use of the word regardless seems RIDICULOUS here, as Gillies is already small and the thought of her ever being told to lose weight just highlights the unreachable standards for models. 

Not only that (that being that she is basically a super cool political super hero) but the gal is bloody gorgeous. Never has someone made looking bored so effortlessly beautiful. 

Julia Campbell Gillies by David Ralph

And her style is second to none, think lots of coloured fur, tops with nipple piercings (I know, get me one) and a ribbon as a fail safe accessory. If anyone is stuck in a style rut, follow her now, right now, yeah, now, for endlessssssss outfit inspiration/quite a lot of life envy. And also enjoy her latest romantic posts dedicated to her boyfriend. I LOVE a good Instagram couple, and these two are my latest faves. I know, I'm sad, but trust me you'll enjoy it too... I hope. 

Friday, 6 May 2016

Grace and Frankie

Oh Grace and Frankie. If you haven't already seen this Netflix original offering then please do yourself a favour and check it out. Now. Seriously, you won't regret it.

Not only is it so refreshing to see two older women as leading characters on your little old telly screen. And portrayed as actual real life, normal people, for once rather than someone's grandma seemingly void of her own thoughts and opinions. There is also some pretty juicy outfit inspo in there too. 

First thing's first, Jane Fonda is a blood legend. She is probably worthy of her own separate blog post because I could wax lyrically for days about my love for this woman and her endless contributions to the world via fitness videos and fashion. But Queen Jane is not the only star of this show. Lily Tomlin features next to Fonda (often in a pair of dungarees) and is equally marvellous.

Not only has Tomlin's character inspired countless outfit choices for me but she also shows how your style doesn't have to change with age. Often seen rocking a head scarf and band tee, Frankie nails effortless cool better than any twenty-something IT girl ever could and proves that age means nothing when it comes to good style. 

If this still isn't enough to sell this juicy T.V offering to you, then the pair's liberal attitude towards early morning alcohol and creation of their own lube business should just about do it. I know. Thank me later.