Friday, 4 March 2016

Fashion (and life) Advice from a 10 year old

'I don't want to look cute, I want to look cool'.

And in one sentence, my little sister, 10 years my junior, summed up all the style choices I had ever made without ever realising it. 

'Boys don't know anything about fashion, so it would be stupid to wear something they liked'

Never did I think that a quick chat with my sister would reveal the true genius that she really is. She was giving me more than style advice here, rather a more philosophical look on how to live the whole of my life. Ok maybe I'm stretching it here a bit, but what she said really made sense.

The ideal style of my 10 year old sister... to look like a mermaid

Our style is made when we're young, and really, for me at least anyway, nothing has changed in my mind from the 10 year old girl who didn't want to dress for a boy because let's be honest, they know nothing about fashion. Barring a brief six month period aged around 13 when I bought a padded bra from my local Peacocks and wore too much neon, I've generally dressed with the intention of pleasing nobody but myself- and unintentionally repelling any boy that came my way, but you win some, you lose some. 

I asked her to look through my wardrobe and pick an outfit for me (which she does for herself every time I leave the house for more than five minutes anyway) and although her choices were still slightly questionable, the attitude with which she chose them- to look cool and not impress boys- was still there. And it's these questionable style choices we make when we're young, the skirts over jeans as a teenager, and crop tops when you are still a chubby 12 year old, and the ones that I continue to make on a daily basis, that make us and our unique style. And will hopefully one day lead us to choose killer outfits.

N.B A killer outfit is one that you feel completely, bloody brilliant in and don't have to think for two minutes about what anyone else thinks about it.



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