Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Can We Talk About... Zara's Slogan Tees

Before I begin, please do not get me wrong, I love Zara as much as the next 20 year old gal- which for those who don't know, is A LOT. Like an unhealthy amount. 90% of my wardrobe is in fact from said retailer. But, this has been on my mind for a while, and we just have to discuss their T-shirt slogans. 

I don't know if everyone is quite as aware and up to date with current Zara stock as I am, but I pretty much consider myself an expert on the subject, it would definitely be my Mastermind subject of choice. That or supermarket sushi. So you can take it on good authority when I tell you that firstly, Zara have a lot of t-shirts available for purchase, in fact they have a plethora of 'T' shaped garments to adorn your upper body with. And, secondly, they all have bloody weird phrases written on them. Many a time I have been drawn to a beautiful striped little number only to discover that is has the words 'Shop Around' on it. My confused mind can't handle it, I just want (yet definitely do not need) a new striped top, what does this phrase even mean? I sometimes panic, am I seeing things, is this God's way of connecting with me? Has some hooligan come in to this shopping outlet and specifically graffitied on this one garment? 


But no, on closer inspection most of the t-shirts available are adorned with similar ambiguous phrases. 'Attractive mind' one reads, the pocket of one instructing 'Put here what you want'. Not just a bizarre sentence in itself but definitely written by someone for whom English is their second language. One in the current collection reads simply 'Brunch' which I get is very of the zeitgeist, but do people really want it written on their tits, or just to eat it? I can kind of accept the one that reassures me that 'Life is a party' and another that advertises 'Free buffet', but 'Thinking in a master plan' once again makes me question if I fully grasp English as it makes zero sense to me. And the one that blazons 'Ouch... Oh ok' kind of reflects how my mind feels when reading these slogans. Look, I love you Zara, I love that you allow me to kind of look like I'm wearing Celine for a fraction of the price (and that fraction is literally like 2/1000 which is a really good fraction) I love your boots, and your bags, and oh god, I really love your coats. But I can't be alone in thinking that the slogans are just weird. If BBC Three are interested I would be more than happy to do a documentary investigating the creation of these T-shirts and their hilarious phrases... Or maybe it's just Zara, in these turbulent times trying to help us have a bit of a laugh, if so, why not? We could all do with it. 



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