Thursday, 8 September 2016

Julie Houts

My latest and possibly best(est) obsession. 

If you haven't checked out the J. Crew designer SLASH illustrator extraodinaire's Instagram yet then why not? Do you even have Instagram?? Ok, fair play, maybe you don't. Once again I found my newest Instagram fix in the depths of the explore page amidst hundreds of 'fitspo' pages featuring muscly nudey ladies showing me their biceps. 

So Houts or @jooleeloren as I affectionately call her (alright, maybe that's her Instagram handle) came as welcome relief from the ocean of tanned abdominals. With her combination of beautiful illustration and hilarious social commentary, Houts seems to crawl inside your little old mind pull out your deepest, darkest thoughts on anything from eating spaghetti to Donald Trump and turns it into the most beautiful pictures. Satirising the fashion industry and summarising the internal thoughts of nearly every 20something woman today these little old piccies are perhaps one of the only good things to emerge from 2016 so far. So until I can afford to buy enough of her prints to adorn my entire walls with in a wallpaper like fashion I'll keep stalking her Instagram. And you should too.


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