Monday, 29 May 2017

Alexa Chung

Why, Alexa? Why? As if it wasn't already bad enough the way you taunt us mere mortals with your unfeasibly long limbs and impeccable style but you have to go and bring out a collection that makes it all seem like maybe, just maybe, it's possible for us too... possible, that is, if we have a spare £425 burning a hole in our pocket. And that's just for a jumper. A really nice jumper, though as I tried to justify to my mum. (Just to clear up any potential confusion, I most certainly do not have £425 burning a hole in my pocket).

Last year saw the model turn fashion designer turn all time ultimate style icon and hero that can do no wrong amen, release her two debut collections in collaboration with M&S. Oh, and it was good. With staple items (the blouse, come on people) selling out almost immediately, this collection was reasonably priced and made it accessible for what I'm going to put my foot (sadly not wearing an Alexa Chung shoe) out and call the majority of Chung's fans. A following shall we say, as the way I and many girls of my age follow Alexa Chung is not too dissimilar from a religion. However, I, like most of my fellow Chung believers do not have a lot of money. I am in my early twenties, I am a student, and although I want with all my heart to buy that bloody stripy jumper. It's just not going to happen.
And so while I say well bloody done, Alexa old friend. You have created something incredibly beautiful. Something dream worthy (I had two separate dreams just about the green dress last week). And many are often keen to dismiss celebrity designers as unskilled people just jumping on the band wagon to fund their lifestyle- hey, I didn't say it, but Alexa's new collection, like all her past collaborations have been, is actually really great and there's no denying it. But I just have to ask, who the hell is going to buy it? I mean obviously someone, as my daily ritual of drooling over the website has alerted me to a number of sellout pieces. But your main cult following of fans? Sadly we are left unable to even think about owning a piece, our only way of accessing our fantasy through our computer screen. Let me know when there's a sale, please.


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