Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Genny Elec

Not to be confused with comedian Jenny Eclair, our old friend the Genny Elec is back once again. It seems like we're never not in our old primary schools using pencils attached to strings to vote for something these days. Ok that's not true guys, it's actually really quick and easy to do so everyone should go out and do it!

Like the EU referendum last year, this year's snap election has provoked an equally big response from our celeb friends. While people were once often reluctant to disclose their political persuasion, with my own mother once warning me never to ask someone who they voted for, social media's world of oversharing has produced a whole new wave of political openness. Guess what, it's suddenly cool to care about politics! Trends can often be a monotonous irritating thing, watching everyone scramble to adopt the latest fad becomes tedious and even cringe-worthy, but if the newest trend is for everyone to get their butts out and vote then this is something I can get on board with.

Particularly Jeremy Corbyn has inspired a wide range of famous faces young and old to speak out about their support for the left-wing party, with grime artists to models to comedians very publicly supporting his campaign. And in this world of selfies and statuses it's nice to be reminded of how social media can essentially be a great thing and to see a whole new generation of disillusioned people using their voices again. So it's officially cool to vote again! Everyone pick out your polling station outfits, because it's going to be the biggest selfie opportunity of the year. For outfit inspo see my own ode to JC himself in the form of a review of his greatest stylistic hits. But if short for time- reach for your baker boy hat and run to the nearest town hall. 


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