Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Drunk Celebs. They're Just Like Us.

So with the festive season upon us, we will all be saying yes to one or two too many glasses of prosecco and embarrassing ourselves in front of distant family members/snogging inappropriate people/making an arse of ourselves at the office party. But fear not my friends as you are not alone. And no, it's not just me who will be joining you in falling on the cobble stones in your new Christmas heels and volunteering to sing I Will Survive on karaoke. Our famous friends will be getting oh so merry as well. 

For a while a favourite hobby of mine has been googling boozy celebrities, but at Christmas time it is especially important (as well as celebrating the birth of Jesus and all that) as it's nice to remind ourselves that celebz are human too. And what human doesn't use the excuse of it being Christmas to get absolutely shit faced and try and get off with someone under the mistletoe?? Ahhh, Christmas, my favourite time of year. 

Here are some of our best celebs in action, giving it a good go to resemble the local wino in your home town and generally having a bloody good time. You're welcome.

Definitely a Christmas piss up in action if ever I saw one. Good on you Lily, hope too many annoying relatives didn't come round to visit the next day.

Here's another classic one, see me and Cameron are so similar, I think it's appropriate to pose like a gangster when drunk as well. In fact, in all honesty, I'm more likely to be posing like the girl on her left.

Christina Ricci seen having a good time here, and why not?? It's Christmas, let your hair down folks. 

Everyone's favourite rom-com star to Oscar winner, Matthew McConaughey seemingly after enjoying a bevy or two. You alright there Matt?? Yeah he's fine isn't he, look at that cheeky face. 

Perfect example of drunk dancing- even those who are genuinely good at dancing (see JLO) lose all ability to do so after a drink. They also definitely snogged approximately 30 seconds after this picture was taken. 
Has a photograph ever been taken that better represents Christmas?? Well, yeah it probably has actually

Ayyyy! And here we have everyone's favourite royal piss heads! Will and Kate just having a laugh- see they're just like us.
The cheekiest of them all. Drunk Simon Cowell

Merry Christmas!

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