Wednesday, 30 December 2015

New Year, New (probably actually same old) You

We all know it's true. This is why I think New Year's resolution are the worst idea ever. The person who first made them up is up there with the inventor of the croc and the guy who thought that putting pineapple on pizza was a good idea, as the worst people in the world.

As if the New Year wasn't depressing enough, these so called resolutions just act as a reminder of how shit we are as a person, as if it wasn't glaringly apparent enough already in the cold harsh light of the new year. So screw the resolutions. Guys you don't need to take up yoga, and fruit is overrated really. Of course we should all probably work harder, and be nicer, and spend less money, but why in January? If you want to call your grandma more and do more for charity then that's great but don't let everyone pressure you into doing at midnight on the 1st of January. You just take your time guys, and if you want to go for a light jog on New Year's day then respect to you, but it's also cool if you want to go on the second Tuesday in March instead... Or if you want to wait until 2017. My mum told me not to give into peer pressure and I feel like the New Year was what she was warning me about (maybe I misinterpreted her message though). Maybe I'll make some resolutions... but they probably won't be made until at least mid February and I probably won't feel too guilty when I break them after a few hours after either.  

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