Saturday, 28 November 2015

Reasons Why The Simple Life is The Best Thing To Happen. Ever.

After watching a bit of Candidly Nicole the other day (which if you haven't seen it, errrm why not?! it is one of the best things on television) I was inspired to re-watch some old episodes of the Simple Life. And I'm ashamed to say that, until I re-watched this visual masterpiece, I had forgotten quite how amazing it truly was. 

And it's not just the ah-may-zing noughties style to enjoy that makes it so good. I'm talking hipster jeans and rara skirts aplenty. But also the priceless life lessons that can be learnt from everyone's two favourite heiresses. Who knew more than ten years later they would still be so relevant and relatable. Here are some of the best things we can learn from our dream best friends (enjoy their outfit choices) (and if you're reading ladies, please be friends again.)

This is probably the best advice that has ever been given in the history of the world.

Who can honestly say they haven't been in this situation? Look at them- teaching younger viewers to be thrifty with their money. Well done ladies.

See, look at these progressive, go getting women embracing the modern world, an inspiration to one and all.

Timeless advice for if anyone is ever being a dick or just generally annoying you. Well said, Nicole.

Has a truer word ever been spoken? Getting up early is NEVER cute. 

Yeeppp, not much has changed since good old 2kai4. Sex sells, guys, gotta face the facts, Nicole is just teaching people to be realistic.  

And look at this optimism- our gals inspiring everyone to stay positive in all situations... even if that situation is being arrested.

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