Sunday, 22 November 2015

Something Like Happiness

On Wednesday night London-reared band The Maccabees started their 'Marks to Prove It' tour, playing their first date in Nottingham's very own Rock City. So, I dragged myself out of the comfort of my single bed and braved hurricane Barney (finding a both hurricane and gig appropriate outfit is a surprisingly hard challenge by the way) to catch Orlando Weeks and co. in action. 

                                The Maccabees performing Something like Happiness on 'Later with Jools Holland'

Being 5ft 3, gigs for me are normally spent dancing to my favourite songs whilst enjoying the view of a balding man's head. If I'm lucky I can sometimes catch a glimpse of the band through a half drunk beer cup or the screen of someone's phone. But it was on Wednesday, as I was desperately straining to see the band, that I realised that the person I really wanted to witness in action was lead singer, Orlando Weeks. And that got me thinking, what is it about a lead singer, and in particular their style, that is so irresistible?

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with a drummer, and I like a bass player as much as the next girl but it's undeniable that there's something about lead singers. Alexa Chung herself admitted to only ever having dated the lead singers of rock bands. They're often elusive creatures, with a Midas touch making everything they touch turn to cool. Let's call it the Mick Jagger effect. And Weeks doesn't disappoint. 

I'm not sure if the first time they stand in front of a microphone lead singers are presented with some sort of bible on effortless style but they generally nail it every time. Since first emerging in late 2006, Weeks' style has evolved with his music, growing from parka-clad indie kid to his all black and denim uniform of today. And like so many of his kind, Weeks' has perfected the formula for always looking good. The combination of attention to detail (see the hoop earring, the buttoning of his shirt) whilst still maintaining his air of nonchalance is enviable; the best rock stars will always make you question whether or not they have just rolled out of bed or a bar.
But does it really matter what a lead singer wears? Or will whatever the latest rock star comes out on stage in just always look good? Let's face it someone is always going to look approximately 90% cooler holding a guitar. 

But, in my opinion, a rock star's not doing it right unless everybody else wants to look like them. And that includes girls. My obsession with musicians and their style is not just part of a romantic day dream (of course it partly is, call me any time Orlando). I want to wear what they wear. Is that weird? I've recently realised is the best indication for if I fancy someone, famous or not, is if I'm dressing exactly like them...

Maybe it is just me, though. 


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