Sunday, 1 November 2015

Fashion Loves Androgyny

And so do I. Probably another reason why I am eternally single is my constant need to dress like a man. I say man, my look of choice is normally more like an 8 year old boy.

Seriously, fashion loves it though. Oh yeah, good old fash can't get enough of a woman in man's clothes. Or, a man that looks like a woman. Lady with side burns? We'll have her. Man in high heels? Good to go. But this isn't a new thing. Fashion has been obsessed with androgyny for years. 

It was Marlene Dietrich who first proved that there's nothing as sexy as a woman in a man's suit and since then fashion hasn't looked back. From Kate Moss' androgynous figure in 90s Calvin Klein ads, to every shot ACNE studios produces today, the trend lives on. Eternal queen of androgyny Chloe Sevigny proves time and time again that androgyny is sexy, so I'm just going to keep wearing this look until the mass population agree. 


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