Sunday, 24 January 2016

Deadline Chic: When InDesign has made your skin go grey and your eyes go bloodshot.

Help. Send help.

I know I'm a lazy person anyway, so my effort towards my appearance is normally embarrassingly minimal for a fashion student, but I appear to have hit an all time low. My days are now spent locked in my cell of a room staring at a screen and praying that the InDesign gods will come down and save me. All fonts now look the same, images have begun to blur into one, and my fingers are getting repetitive strain injury from typing the word lipstick. I have gone to bed the last five, I repeat five nights, at 10pm, listening to the soundtrack of my flatmates laughing and drinking and just being normal human beings who actually leave their rooms for more than just to get some weetabix. I haven't even made it to Tesco this week, and I'm worried that my lack of vitamins is leading to early signs of scurvy.

But from these dark times which have left my skin pasty and hair unwashed at least has sprung some brilliant outfits. I use the word brilliant very loosely here. There's nothing quite like an imminent deadline to test how much you actually care about how you look. The key to nailing deadline chic is firstly, comfort. Most of my outfits are currently pyjama based, basically pyjamas thinly disguised as legitimate clothes so that if I have a breakdown I can run to the shop for some chocolate. Another key feature I've found of my new look is what I like to think of as very new and innovative colour combinations. Despite the new grey tinge that my skin has adopted I decide to abandon my normal uniform of black and offset my pasty skin with the brightest colours I can find. I didn't even know I owned a florescent pink top but hey, I'm wearing it! If nothing else, these terrible outfits are at least preparing my eyes for the brightness of when I see sunlight again. 


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