Wednesday, 6 January 2016


Hey guys, guess what! Poetry is really cool!

Aaand, maybe we've just found the real reason that I'm single. Forget the never ending questionable style decisions, I think this might just have something to do with it. What 20 year old boy says 'Oh yeah, I'd really like a bird who's into poetry'? Yeah, I'm not sure either. 

But it's true guys, poetry is cool. Well I think it's pretty alright anyway. And last year saw a lot more poets and spoken word artists coming into the spotlight. Boring nights spent alone in my room are often filled with Youtube searches of the latest poetry slams and spoken word and of course the master himself John Cooper Clarke, and hopefully, thanks to artists like George the Poet, I might not be considered such a loser for doing this for much longer. I probably will though. 

If you're bored, or want to avoid doing work, or like me just like poetry then here is a juicy one to get ya hooked. Don't worry, it's not deep or emotional, it's not about love or death, or the meaning of life. It's about falafel. And who doesn't love those little balls of delight?


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