Thursday, 21 January 2016

The Noughties Fashionistas

The Noughties were called this for a reason. Errm no, obviously nothing to do with numbers, but because of all the straight up naughty, naughty trends that this decade oversaw. From rara skirts over trousers, to hipster boot cut jeans, forget the 80s because this may just have been the naughtiest decade for fashion, ever. Let's remember some of the highlights, shall we.

Coloured skinny jeans had a big moment in the mid 2000s. Who here can say they didn't own a pair? If you can, I envy you, I had multiple.

What about fake pearls? No? How about beads in general? Claire's Accessories sold a wide selection, that of course would be wrapped round your neck twice, creating a groovy little choker with half of the necklace. Two necklaces in one?! How cool, right.

Halter necks!! Remember them?

I know I have already mentioned these bad boys, but rara skirts had quite the time in the 2000s. I remember begging my mum for one. And this trend just wouldn't die! When people began to get bored of their little old rara skirt (errm, how?!) the look was reinvented by the genius who decided to wear it over their bootcut jeans. Any skirt or dress over jeans was good to go in the naughties though. Mmm, stylish.

Bandanas. Bandanas everywhere. 

Low rise jeans. Why were they so low around your waist? I don't think that can have been comfy. It was probably also slightly inappropriate for an 8 year old child but I ran with it anyway.

Layered tops. Ooh the noughties loved a good layer. Remember, you could channel your inner Avril Lavigne and wear a t-shirt on top of a long sleeved top? Yeah, that looked great. 

Studded belts. I wasn't actually lucky enough to own one of these, but I could still appreciate everyone else's. Particularly those that read 'Jesus loves you', stylish and spreading a positive message? What's not to like?

Uggs. I can say no more on this front. A moment of silence please for the Ugg boot.

Denim skirts! Yes, they looked great with your Uggs.

But guys, don't look back in embarrassment and regret your questionable naughties style, don't pretend it didn't happen. Look it was a hard time, we all went through it. And we're all better people for it now. 

Seriously, we ALL went through it



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