Monday, 25 January 2016

Clothes clothes clothes, Music music music, Boys boys boys

Viv Albertine, I love you so much. Even though she grew up more than forty years before me, never have I related to something so much than when reading her autobiography.

First of all the title is good enough anyway, I mean it pretty much sums up my life, the contents of the group chat I have with my mates (minus some bits about food and pooing) and the thoughts of any teenage girl that has ever walked the earth. As well as being an amazing music biography and an insight into what it was really like to be in London in the seventies, Albertine discusses some of the best fashion moments of the decade, and most importantly, gives the most honest portrayal of what it is truly like to be a teenage girl that I have ever read. Men, women, boys and girls should all read this book. It is moving and funny, and if nothing else, it might help you to understand adolescent girls a bit more. Viv Albertine, you're the coolest woman ever. 


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