Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Jaden Smith For Louis Vuitton

Today it was announced that Jaden Smith is going to be the new face of the Louis Vuitton womenswear collection (pause for collective cheers) because, despite a couple of moody, negative articles online, this is really good news people! 2015 definitely saw a lot more people beginning to question gender stereotypes, particularly within fashion, and figures like Caitlyn Jenner (whatever your opinions on her) also seemed to encourage a bigger acceptance and celebration of the trans community.

Photograph: Bruce Webber/ Louis Vuitton

For me the best thing about this campaign is that it's not all about the fact that Will Smith's son is in it, or that he's wearing a skirt. It's just a really beautiful picture, and really great clothes. It's not some big token gesture shouting 'Hello! Male celebrity wearing a skirt, look at us, please buy our clothes'. And I love it for that. I've been wearing boy's clothes forever so it's about time we accepted that boys can wear ours too- and still look fit. Go on lads. Work it. 


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